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Individual Services

image: dry needling performed by physician

Dry Needling

Trigger point therapy utilizing tiny acupuncture needles to address sources of pain deep within muscles.

image: electric stimulation pads placed on a woman's upper back

Electrical Stimulation

Use of electronic stimulation of muscles to help reduce pain and spasm.

image: woman laying supine being adjusted in the neck

Manual Joint Manipulation

Also called "adjusting", manipulation can relieve pain and improve function for many conditions of the spine and extremities.

image: instrument assisted soft tissue release performed by physician

Myofascial Release

Manual and instrument assisted techniques for releasing muscle trigger points and adhesions.

image: therapeutic ultrasound performed on a man's forearm

Ultrasound Therapy

For improved blood flow and healing of sprained or strained tissues.

image: chiropractic instruments

Instrument-assisted Adjusting

For patients who either prefer instruments or do not tolerate manual adjusting, we have many additional options.

image: neck spinal traction performed by physician

Spinal Traction

Carefully applied mechanical traction to relieve pressure on discs, nerves, and joints.

image: x-ray image of a lateral neck


In-office x-ray allows us to quickly assess underlying problems when necessary.

image: man laying on back performing band exercises for legs

Therapeutic Exercise

 Our providers are experts at adapting simple exercises to individual needs.

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