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Sparrow Integrated Health

We are excited to be able to partner with our sister company - Sparrow Integrated Health - to provide thorough care that looks at your health from every angle to help you live a healthy and pain-free life.  

Abby Rhoades, FNP-C

Abby has more than 7 years of experience in caring for complex cases as a critical care nurse. She pursued this passion further, receiving her FNP-C so she can provide care to patients that is individualized, patient-focused, and considers the whole person, not just one set of symptoms.

She cares about asking the right questions, getting the right diagnosis, and treating patients based on multiple factors, not just lab results. 

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Direct Primary Care

Sparrow Integrated Health is a fee-for-service health clinic. Patients are empowered to be actively involved in their own care decisions, rather than being limited or having care dictated by insurance companies. In this way, Abby is able to practice care without artificial limitations, and can pursue the answers and results that are important to you. 

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