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X-Ray Service in Boise, ID

Our clinic has the ability to take x-ray imaging in-house. Not every patient who walks into our office needs x-rays. Doctors will determine case-by-case if x-rays are necessary and helpful for diagnosis and treatment.

X-Ray Results

X-Ray Imaging

X-rays can provide detailed images of the spine, joints, and surrounding structures. They can help doctors identify abnormalities, such as scoliosis, fractures, degenerative changes, or other underlying conditions that may be contributing to symptoms. X-rays may uncover issues that require further evaluation or treatment from another healthcare professional. We recognize our part in your healthcare team and will refer to orthopedic specialists, neurologists, or other medical experts when needed. 

Patient X-ray


  • Accurate diagnosis: X-rays are another tool we use to get the big picture of what is happening in your body. With detailed images of the spine, joints, and other structures, we are able to come to a clear diagnosis and can tailor your treatment plan to fit exactly what you need.

  • Effective treatment: X-rays can identify any contraindications or precautions before proceeding with treatment. For example, if an x-ray reveals osteoporosis or other bone conditions, our doctors can modify their approach to avoid potential complications.

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