At Price Chiropractic Center, we really believe that having a well-maintained body is important to the enjoyment of life. Part of that process can be undoing the stresses and strains of everyday life and living. Often massage can help do this by alleviating the knots, spasms and sore muscles associated with the activities and stresses of life. Sometimes you may simply want to have a massage just to relax and undo life’s stresses and strains and have some personal time just for you to rejuvenate. We have excellent massage therapists who can help meet this exact need.

At other times, you may present to our office with a specific injury or chronic problem. After thorough evaluation by the doctor, it may be determined that massage would be an important part of your rehabilitation recovery regiment. In that case, the doctor will specifically prescribe areas and techniques a massage therapist should use to help heal and resolve some of the soft tissue portions of your condition. It is important for our patients to remember that hydration is one of the best ways they can make their bodies feel and work better. It is especially important following a therapeutic massage. So when you have had a massage, remember that water is important to flush those soft tissues that have just been worked over, stretched and relaxed. So drink, drink, drink!

Gift Certificates are always available!

Massage is sometimes something that you want to treat yourself, loved ones, or even just someone you appreciate to- despite not needing a full chiropractic exam or treatment. We completely encourage massage for stress relief or just a simple gift. Please call us at any time to schedule massage or stop by to pick up a gift certificate.

We also offer bulk discounts on Massage Gift Certificates, please call for more information!